New in UMLet 14.2 stand-alone and UMLet 14.2 Eclipse plugin
- Fixed pixel displacements on exports
- Improved relations
- New option to embed pdf font
- Many additional fixes; see the github issue tracker

New in UMLet 14.1.1 stand-alone and UMLet 14.1 Eclipse plugin
- New custom elements
- New sequence all-in-one
- OS-specific config dir handling

New in UMLet 13.3 stand-alone and UMLet 13.3 Eclipse plugin
- Opaque elements (command: transparency=)
- Line color handling improved

New in UMLet 13.2 stand-alone and UMLet 13.2 Eclipse plugin
- Improved relations
- Various zoom issues fixed

New in UMLet 13.1 stand-alone and UMLet 13.1 Eclipse plugin
- Roles in relations work again
- Bugfixes

New in UMLet 13.0 stand-alone and UMLet 13.0 Eclipse plugin
- Context-sensitive help with Ctrl+Space
- Simplified syntax
- Internal re-factoring

New in UMLet 12.2 stand-alone and UMLet 12.2 Eclipse plugin
- Improved launcher
- Various fixes regarding transparency and colors for relations
- Some EPS export issues fixed (still, PDF export is recommended)

New in UMLet 12.1 stand-alone and UMLet 12.1 Eclipse plugin
- Z-layer support: use commands "layer=1", "layer=2".. inside overlapping elements to control z-order
- Bug fixes and improved pdf export

New in UMLet 12.0beta stand-alone and UMLet 12.0beta Eclipse plugin
- Automatically create UML diagrams from Java source code or class files
- New graphical element types (beta), with syntax completion

New in UMLet 11.5.1 stand-alone and UMLet 11.5.1 Eclipse plugin
- Z-order bug fix
- Improved open vs. export file path handling

New in UMLet 11.5 stand-alone and UMLet 11.5 Eclipse plugin
- Improved handling of special characters
- Config file writes to home dir
- New: open multiple diagrams

New in UMLet 11.4 stand-alone and UMLet 11.4 Eclipse plugin
- Better Eclipse integration
- Improved pdf and eps export
- Improved stability and start-up behaviour

New in UMLet 11.3 stand-alone and UMLet 11.3 Eclipse plugin
- Modified security manager behaviour
- New options
- Batch mode improved
- New relation types

New in UMLet 11.2 stand-alone and UMLet 11.2 Eclipse plugin
- Word wrap for custom elements
- Improved anti-aliasing
- Better Eclipse support

New in UMLet 11.1 stand-alone and UMLet 11.1 Eclipse plugin
- Stability fixes

New in UMLet 11.0 stand-alone and UMLet 11.0 Eclipse plugin
- List of recently opened files
- Drag and drop of uxf-files
- Updated file format

New in UMLet 10.4 stand-alone and UMLet 10.4 Eclipse plugin
- Palette drag and drop
- Enhanced clipboard
- Improved keyboard support

New in UMLet 10.3 stand-alone and UMLet 10.3 Eclipse plugin
- Improved palette handling
- GUI enhancements and additional context menus
- Improved batch processing behaviour
- For developers: ant script and easier builds from our source code

New in UMLet 10.2 stand-alone and UMLet 10.2 Eclipse plugin
- Minor GUI and relation handling improvements

New in UMLet 10.1 stand-alone and UMLet 10.1 Eclipse plugin
- In-app mail to improve collaboration
- Fixed some issues with sticking relations

New in UMLet 10.0 stand-alone and UMLet 10.0 Eclipse plugin
- Zoom
- Various GUI improvements

New in UMLet 9.5 stand-alone and UMLet 9.5 Eclipse plugin
- Greatly improved PDF export (performance; large file size)
- *Bold text*!
- Refined image export
- Improved stability/bug fixes (export; path handling; FAQ...)

New in UMLet 9.1 stand-alone and UMLet 9.1 Eclipse plugin
- Improved GUI
- Better Eclipse integration
- Printing
- Code updated to adhere to Eclipse conventions

New in version 9.03
- Improved and leaner GUI
- Better custom element support
- Easier start-up
- Better Eclipse integration
- Improved exports to eps and clipboard
- Linux CPU load bug fixed

Attention: versions 9+ require Java 1.6.

New in version 8.01
- New activity diagram with text-based syntax
- Variable font size
- New elements
- Better crop when exporting to clipboard
- String ids in sequence diagram
- Numerous bug fixes

New in version 7.1
- Online help
- Element grouping bug fixed

New in version 7
- Colors
- Bug fixes

New in version 6
- New diagram types

New in version 5.5
- Comments in elements
- Callable from command line
- New diagram types
- Interaction frames in text-based sequence diagrams

New in version 5.1
- Bug fixes/custom elements

New in version 5

- Fast, entirely text-based sequence diagram
- File requester remembers location

New in version 4.5

- Support for custom graphical elements

New in version 4

- Support for multiple palette files
- Consistent handling of palette files in plugin and stand-alone mode
- New UML elements (especially activity diagrams)

New in version 3.2
(Note: from this version on, UMLet requires Java 5)
- Support for Eclipse 3
- Leaner file

New in version 3 beta
- EPS export
- Can be used as Eclipse-plugin
- Several fixes

New in version 2
- Bug when saving diagrams with special characters removed (Skøl, Stefan S.!)
- Nicer arrows (Thanks, Bernhard B.)
- Scroll bars
- Scrollable palette
- Palette loads from resource if file is not found
- Better compatibility for different platform
- Copying elements improved
- File name shown in title bar
- Save warning before exiting tool
- Various palette bugs removed
- Lasso selection of multiple elements (Ctrl+Mouse)

New in version 1.8
- UMLet is open source under the terms of the GNU General Public License
- Support for adding new graphical elements
- New XML-based file format
- Aggregation! Composition!

New in version 1.4
- SVG and PDF support
- Improved JPG support

New in version 1.1
- Grid support
- System clipboard (this feature requires JRE 1.4+)
- Finally, relations stick to elements!

New in version 1.0
- Easy editing of element attributes using a text editor panel
- Full fledged undo and redo support
- Right mouse button not needed any more, therefore useable on Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS X and other operating systems
- Support for new diagram types
- JPG export
- Intuitive interface
- Lightweight Java application