Good job, this is the coolest thing in the world. Seriously. I never
was into modeling, now I can get into.
Thanks man!

your tool is how they all should work , doing work for me instead of making me totally frustated and sucking all my energy out of my body and brain. I' have been looking for something that works for me for several days now and it is all crap out there. All that marketing talk makes me sick. Thanks for the enlightment.

Of all the tools that I reviewed, yours stands for its simplicity and ease of use. The concept of an user interface without any popups is simply genius.
Creating class diagrams with this tool is really a breeze. However, what I liked the most is how easily extensible it is. In the database modeling camp, you usually need to represent n-ary associations. I was able to modify UMLet to add the "big diamond" symbol in no time.

Hey guys,
Slick little program you have here. I have been tinkering around with it, using it for a SW development class and it does all that I need it to.

First up, I just wanted to say well done! You've captured the essence of what good software is all about. A useful tool that is compact, easy to use, and does just what you need it to do and no more. I've been looking for a simple tool to do some basic diagramming with for about 2 years now.
Products like Rose or Visio are nice and have their place, but personally I have never been a big supporter of complex systems to depict even relatively simple ideas. You've given me just enough to do the job without over-complicating things.

Hi UMLet-heads!
First, it looks good and is really easy to use. I've only created one simple diagram in it, but I have no doubt that I could create a moderately complex one with no trouble. It's no Rational Rose, but it's certainly small and fast -- just the thing for creating quick UML sketches to illustrate a point. The kind of thing that is serious overkill to use Rose for.
(..) I'm very excited about UMLet, and would like to thank you guys for putting out a very handy tool. Thanks!

This is a great tool and find it easier to teach my students UML diagrams.

I am currently in a course that requires me to draw UML class diagram. I came across your website and and find umlet very suitable for the use for my course.

It's a great tool ... wonderful potential.

(..) on searching the net out of the various tools found, Umlet was really really fantastic. it helped a lot in reducing my work pressure and now i am done with my diagrams. thanks a lot.

I was looking at your UMLet application and I'm excited about the possibilities for this product.

Congratulation ! your system is very good !.

Buon lavoro, e fammi sapere se escono nuove release!!!!!

I downloaded and looked at your tool. It's a very nice tool for quickly drawing UML diagrams! I will add it to my list.