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I am a firmware engineer in industry, and I absolutely love your software. It has been a complete lifesaver - myself and my team use it every day.

Hello builders
What a simple but great UML tool. I am using the download for personal work (in my job, using Sparx). How easy and elegant the idea of editing your object in text (instead of all that clicking in Sparx!) and how brilliant the templates work. And then on top of that, coding on the fly :)

Hello UMLet,
Last night I could not sleep because a question kept me up. Did you name your software after Hamlet by Shakespeare? or omelette (which is my favorite meal)?
best regards
PS : i love your software

First, the interface to Umlet is brilliant - editable, copy-able documentation right there in my document. No mouse. Just brilliant. More software should be like this!

THANKS YOU SO MUCH FOR UMLET! My search for a good diagrammer began AND ENDED with Umlet! Love it.

Hey there! First of all, I want to thank you for making this wonderful tool for free. It rocks!

Fantastic program! Visio is prettier, but your program allows fast changes. I really like the text editor in the lower right to edit the object I am working in!
Probably would have learned to use UML years ago if your program was available.

Hi Folks,
I just wanted to thank you for this really really handy tool. It has exactly the right mixture between mouse and keyboard interaction plus all the export formats one can dream of.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
zunächst mal vielen Dank für UMLet. Habe heute "easy UML Editor" in Google eingegeben und bin so auf UMLet gestoßen. Ich bin sehr vom Konzept angetan, finde die übliche Windows Art und Weise, die tausend Mausklicks in Hunderten von Eigenschaftsseiten erfordert, anstrengend und fehlerträchtig. Ihr textbasiertes Vorgehen ist wirklich schneller und einfacher.

I love UMLet for drawing simple UML diagrams because it is much more hassle-free compared to "real" UML modeling tools.

First, I would like to thank you for the creation of this irreplaceable tool, which greatly helps to develop complex apps.

Hey guys,
first, let me say that UMLet really rocks! It's a very nice way for programmers to quickly produce decent-quality diagrams without having to resort to rodents for more than placing things.

Innanzitutto, complimenti per l'ottimo prodotto.

I have been trying a lot of UML diagram tools. Your tools is the best. Agile, easy, fast, feature rich.

Thank you very much for your hard work on UMLet, really this tool changed my life! Honestly, even when I need to represent some unusual things, I would rather spend hours to search how to do it on UMLet rather than look for another tool; I totally fell in love with it.

It just does what you expect in a straightforward way. Great tool. Well done.

I love UMLet because I can adapt it easily for my team and for customers.

It is a really great tool and I have now been using it for years. Every now and again I try a different UML tool, just to see, but I always come back to simple, fast UMLet.

I do like UMLet very much, very nice job!!!! I am new to it but I do like the concept of typing the properties of elements rather than clicking around through endless dialogs, well done again!

I really like its simplicity and ease of use. Having used it for just a couple of hours, I'm already a huge fan.

I just used Umlet to create some nice UML-Diagrams. No hassle with "snap to grid", move whole parts of a diagram because I forgot to insert something, or other frickly stuff, when using other tools. The textual diagram composition approach is fantastic, thank you.

I am using UMLet for years: easy, fast, essential and without billion of features that often confuses the user. In other words, I like it!

It's one of the best tools I've worked with -- simple but powerful.

Hi there,
I really like UMLet. I've been trying out a lot of tools and, for my purpose (high school teacher of computer science) I find it the most useful. It's easy to learn and quick to use, unlike most others which are either too complex and take too much time to do simple things, or don't offer simple editing features that you need to create a decent diagram.

This is the best UML tool, PERIOD!
I have been using other free/commercial tools and this is the best!

So I've been using UMLet for a couple years now and it is invaluable to my daily work.

It is so fast to use because of no irritating popup windows!

I discovered your little application a year ago, and it has served me well.

Hallo UMLet Team,
hiermit möchte ich meinen Dank und Anerkennung für das tolle UML Tool aussprechen.
Nachdem ich so viel ausprobiert hatte, um ein großes Python Projekt zu dokumentieren, bin ich glücklicherweise auf UMLet gestoßen.
Selten habe ich so ein geniales Stück Software gesehen. Endlich gelingt es, schnell und flexibel, eine umfangreiche Dokumentation anzufertigen.

Feel free to put the following at your website as positive feedback. I simply love UMLet!
Once in a while you come across a tool that enables your creativity instead of standing in the way of it. It is a rare event, but UMLet is such a tool. It is simple and everything flows naturally. I have tried many different UML editors, but after using UMLet for 30 seconds I knew this is my new home.

.. thanks a lot for developing UMLet and keeping it somehow current. I got in touch with it at the university and it is quite versatile and lean.

hi, umlet.
It is really an excellent tool for uml modeling. You are really doing a good job!
After finding this tool, I have dropped other tools at all.

.. the "Activity - All in one diagram" continues to just blow my mind.
Its wonderful syntax has become so second nature to me now that I use it to prototype code and architecture (for quite large systems).
It lets me see and discover the weaknesses in my design, and deal with them, so much more quickly and naturally than any other tool I know!
In the meantime I have become a full-on UMLet evangelist!
Keep up the inspiring work!

Hi from Spain,
Your tool is amazing... the coolest and simplest thing to use that I've seen in years :D. Everything I try works smoothly :).

Your tool has been well received on our team. We have grown to like it quite a bit.

Dear UMLet creator(s),
First, let me thank you for creating such a simple yet powerful tool for fast and accurate UML creation!

It is a very, very nice tool for quickly sketching UML diagrams.
It is in fact the first UML tool I have tried try that is *fun* to use!

Hi - thank you for a great tool that really helped me in creating UML diagrams within minutes, that would have taken ages with VISIO and co.This tool really closes a gap that prevails in the modeling landscape.

.. have just found your tool. I think I have fallen in love. The flexibility of the panel/template system is stunning - 100% "Agile".

It's unbelievable how easy it is with your tool! Now I am happy to be able to document complex designs with fun and in no time. Thank you very much for it. :-)

To whom it may concern,
This application is absolutely awesome, I love it.

I've just started using UMLet and really like the clean, easy interface.

Firstly: thank you for bringing this easy-to-use tool to the world!

Thank You for UMLet! It is simple, without amy rules and this is power of this tool. Sometimes tools which have many automatic helpers are limited by this. In Your tool I can do everythink I want, also things which are not UML! I can define new objects etc. I think it will be support also UML 3.0 because it is simple and modifiable!
I used Visio and I was nerwous on this many time. Since I work on UMLet I am never nervous by my UML tool :-)

Hey guys,
first of all: thanks a lot for UMLet! I love it! I am using it since months, and it think it is way better than all the heavyweight UML tools together.

thanks very much for this product. i am finding your software very useful and powerful in my research.

Thanks for such a nice tool - It makes diagramming not-suck.

First of all I wish to thank you for the great UML editing application you guys are developing and maintaining. It has been of great help for us, being the best no-nonsense free UML tool I’ve found around.

Zuerst einmal: Danke für das tolle Tool, genau das Maß an Flexibilität und Simplizität das ich brauche.

I've tried ___ (buggy) and ___ (good but not free) -- yours is by far the smoothest one.

This is simply the greatest UML tool I have ever met. It does complex drawings in no time and the concept of using text based properties to change elements is simply the absolutely best feature. It makes you so much more productive.

Great tool, I was fluent in 15 minutes, to the point where it is quicker to sketch in Umlet than to use my normal method of modelling with sheets of A3 paper, scissors and glue! So kudos for the concept, death to dialog boxes and other popups!

Dear UMLet Team,
I would like to congratulate you on the very useful tool! I've been looking for something like this for a long time, and I've seen a lot of tools. The diagrams produced by UMLet are surprisingly good looking. I like the different concept of filling in the properties of various elements, which is based more on text than traditional dialog boxes. It's powerful, extensible, and fast.

Of all the small instruments I have in my architect's toolbox, UMLet is the one for which I have the most respect.
UMLet's implementation of the Sequence Diagram - perhaps one of the most underated, and underused of the UML diagram types - is a joy to use. Sequence Diagrams suddenly become so easy to create and alter, that it is possible to brainstorm complex chains of interactions in moments.
My hat is off to the creators of UMLet.

Good job, this is the coolest thing in the world. Seriously. I never was into modeling, now I can get into.
Thanks man!

..your tool is how they all should work, doing work for me instead of making me totally frustated and sucking all my energy out of my body and brain. I' have been looking for something that works for me for several days now and it is all crap out there. All that marketing talk makes me sick. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Of all the tools that I reviewed, yours stands for its simplicity and ease of use. The concept of an user interface without any popups is simply genius.
Creating class diagrams with this tool is really a breeze. However, what I liked the most is how easily extensible it is. In the database modeling camp, you usually need to represent n-ary associations. I was able to modify UMLet to add the "big diamond" symbol in no time.

Hey guys,
Slick little program you have here. I have been tinkering around with it, using it for a SW development class and it does all that I need it to.

First up, I just wanted to say well done! You've captured the essence of what good software is all about. A useful tool that is compact, easy to use, and does just what you need it to do and no more. I've been looking for a simple tool to do some basic diagramming with for about 2 years now.
Products like Rose or Visio are nice and have their place, but personally I have never been a big supporter of complex systems to depict even relatively simple ideas. You've given me just enough to do the job without over-complicating things.

Hi UMLet-heads!
First, it looks good and is really easy to use. I've only created one simple diagram in it, but I have no doubt that I could create a moderately complex one with no trouble. It's no Rational Rose, but it's certainly small and fast -- just the thing for creating quick UML sketches to illustrate a point. The kind of thing that is serious overkill to use Rose for.
.. I'm very excited about UMLet, and would like to thank you guys for putting out a very handy tool. Thanks!

This is a great tool and find it easier to teach my students UML diagrams.

I am currently in a course that requires me to draw UML class diagram. I came across your website and and find umlet very suitable for the use for my course.

It's a great tool ... wonderful potential.

.. on searching the net out of the various tools found, Umlet was really really fantastic. it helped a lot in reducing my work pressure and now i am done with my diagrams. thanks a lot.

I was looking at your UMLet application and I'm excited about the possibilities for this product.

Congratulation ! your system is very good !.

Buon lavoro, e fammi sapere se escono nuove release!!!!!

Hi, I downloaded and looked at your tool. It's a very nice tool for quickly drawing UML diagrams! I will add it to my list.

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